Serving v Retired 2017

By David WatsonMatches

RA Serving v RA Retired on Wed 12 April 2017 at Frilford Heath

Serving Team Retired Team
Lt Col Tim Thornton Dave Barbour
Lt Col Eddie Grace Paul Moyse
Lt Col John Whatmough Mark Lacey
Maj Colin Welbourne Doc Watson
Maj Jasper Vincent Iain Campbell
Capt Kippy Davis Chris Nicholls
Capt Mac McGovern Tony Moorby
WO2 Dean Mitchinson Peter Tomlinson
WO2 Bruce McAulay Bruce McMillan
SSgt Adam Hayward Alan Goldsworthy
Bdr Dan Hunt John Ransom
Bdr Richard Lorimer Richard Self

Morning 4BBB:

Serving Retired
Mitchinson/Davis 0 Moyse/Barbour 1
Thornton/Vincent 1 Lacey/Watson 0
McAulay/McGovern ½ Campbell/Nicholls ½
Welbourne/Lorimer 0 Moorby/Tomlinson 1
Hayward/Grace 0 McMillan/Goldsworthy 1
Hunt/Whatmough ½ Ransom/Self ½

Morning score: Serving 2 – 4 Retired

Afternoon Greensomes:

Serving Retired
McAulay/McGovern 1 Campbell/Tomlinson 0
Thornton/Mitchinson 1 Moyse/Barbour 0
Davis/Lorimer 1 Nichol/Lacey 0
Welbourne/Hayward 1 McMillan/Moorby 0
Vincent/Hunt ½ Ransom/Goldsworthy ½
Whatmough/Grace 1 Self/Watson 0

Afternoon score: Serving 5½  – ½ Retired

Result Serving 7½  – 4½  Retired

Great comeback in the afternoon by the serving team winning 5 out of 6 matches and halving the other with Dan Hunt chipping in for eagle on the 18th for the half.