RAGS vs St George’s Hill – 12 Sep 19

By Eddie GraceUncategorized

RAGS were 2 points down going into the second leg of the match against St George’s Hill at West Hill.  After an excellent lunch at which George Cassie celebrated the 50th anniversary of his first outing in the match, the RAGS members attempted to reverse the deficit.

After the first five games it was clear that RAGS would need to win the last match to tie the two legs and retain the Jade Putter, thanks to wins for Peter Tomlinson, Adam Hayward and George Cassie, Kippy Davis and Scott Forsyth.  Balance by two wins for SGH including a point for Simon Dunk on a free transfer for the day to St George’s Hill.

The rest of the team watched the last match come up the demanding last hole at West Hill, all square.  A good putt from Bruce Leith was enough for St George’s Hill to seize the last point, a tie on the day and a 7-5 victory overall.

A great day with many old friends in decent weather.  But St George’s Hill have won back the Jade Putter.

Pairings and results
Result Result
Peter Tomlinson (9) 1 Victor Barker (15) 0
Alan Goldsworthy (20) and
John Caiger (12)
0 Ali Defriez (14) and
Simon Dunk (15)
Adam Hayward (5) and
George Cassie (9)
1 Stuart Letts (8) and
Don Smith(11)
Kippy Davis (12) and
Scott Forsyth (8
1 Charlie Avis (14) and
Nigel Trollope (13)
Doc Watson (10) and
Iain Campbell (14)
0 Nick Summers (15) and
Richard Guillaume (13)
Philip Robinson (10) and
Chris Nicholls (18)
0 Bruce Leith (9) and
Tony Rogers (17)
      Result 3 3
May Match Result 2 4
      Overall 2019 Result 5 7