RAGS vs St George’s Hill 12 Sep 18

By Eddie GraceMatches

2018 saw us moving the home leg of the St George’s Hill match to West Hill and a new format – lunch (which was outstanding) followed by a round of four-ball. We went into this leg one point down, but the refreshed format seems to have done the trick with RAGS turning out 4-2 winners on the day and winning the Jade Putter by a point. A rare event – only the fifth time in over twenty years since the trophy was presented. As always played in a terrific spirit with many old friendships being renewed.

An excellent day all round! Many thanks to West Hill GC for hosting us so well and to George Cassie for fixing.


St George’s Hill

Scott Forsyth (8) and Wayne Stocks (14) beat Len Sanderson (9) and Stuart Bowden (14)

Adam Hayward (6) and Simon Dunk (15) beat Nick Bents (7) and Marcus Pakenham (14)

Mirza Datoo (6) and Mark Lacey (12) lost to Bruce Leith (8) and Alistair Defriez (14)

Doc Watson (9) and Mike Tennant (21) beat Mike Johnson-Hill (9) and Julian Buck (21)

Peter Tomlinson (9) and Clive Hunt (15) beat Don Smith (12) and Nick Summers (14)

George Casssie (10) and Chris Nicholls (18) lost to Mark Brindley (11) and Peter Newman (14)

Peter Tomlinson

Match Manager