RAGS vs Circuit Judges 2018

By Eddie GraceMatches

Ten players gathered at the New Zealand Golf Club with 3 newcomers to the fixture – Robert Purdy, Eddie Grace and Clive Hunt. The company was as convivial as ever and the course was in excellent condition. The recent hot weather resulted in the ball running further and thus finishing in the heather more often than usual. This offered many players the opportunity to exercise discretion in regaining the fairway – but where is the fun in that?

The morning games were evenly matched, with some strong RAGS performances over the closing holes leading to the famous ‘New Zealand Lunch’ being taken with the Judges in a slender 3-2 lead.

Given that RAGS teams are known to lunch well and to play better in the afternoon, this deficit seemed manageable. However the Judges won the afternoon games 4-1 and therefore won 7-3, their first victory in recent times.

The heather that fills the space between tee and green on the 16th

Wider open spaces on the 18th