RAGS Vets v REGS Vets 2017

By David WatsonMatches

RAGS Vets v REGS Vets on Monday 10 August 2017 at new Zealand GC


Doc Watson (match manager) (pm only)
Simon Humphrey
Alan Goldsworthy
John Bearfoot
Jeremy Bittles (am only)
Andrew Gregory
Sally Gregory (pm only)
John Milne
Richard Mountford (am only)
Adrian Orr
Shane Rutter-Jerome
Peter Tomlinson

Result: RAGS Vets 6 ½ – 3 ½ REGS Vets

Morning results:

Win – Peter Tomlinson & John Bearfoot
Win – Andrew Gregory & Richard Mountford
Half – Simon Humphrey & Alan Goldsworthy

Afternoon Results:

Win – Simon Humphrey and Shane Rutter-Jerome
Win – John Milne & Peter Tomlinson
Win – Andrew Gregory & Sally Gregory
Win – Doc Watson & Alan Goldsworthy

After a series of very tight matches in the AM foursomes, the lunchtime score stood at 2½ to 2½, leaving all to play for in the afternoon. Happily, the PM foursomes swung emphatically our way, ending in an afternoon score of 4 to 1 in the Gunners’ favour; an overall win for the Gunners of 6½ to 3½ .

I’d like to thank all of you that played and particularly those that managed to make themselves available at short notice (Adrian) or increase their availability from one round to two (Simon). Particular mention must go to Lady Sally Gregory who, despite some nervousness, represented the Gunners with aplomb and now has a 100% winning record as a RAGS player.