RAGS v Seniors GS 2017

By David WatsonMatches

RAGS v Seniors GS Tuesday 5 September Denham GC


Chris Copeland (match manager)
Mike Tennant
Chris Brown
John Milne
Robin Broke
Shane Rutter-Jerome
Frank Renton
Keith Chaundy
Alan Goldsworthy

Result: RAGS 4 ½ – 3 ½ The Seniors

I am pleased to report we won our match against The Seniors, played at Denham Golf Club yesterday. We won 3 of our matches, lost 2 and it was an honourable draw for a further 3, leaving us with a lead of one point after 36 holes of foursomes.

So once again this was a successful day for RAGS and enjoyed hugely by all. I recommend we continue with this fixture and that, with Mike Tennant in place as a member, continue with Denham GC as our host venue.