RAGS Annual General Meeting Minutes

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Secretary                                                                                                                                                        Apr 19



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Agenda Item 1 – Chairman’s Welcome & Captain’s report

24 Members attended the AGM.  The Captain, in the Chairman’s absence, opened the AGM at 1730 and welcomed all members.  He stated that he had spoken to the Chairman, who had provided his apologies, and passed on his best wishes and he hoped that everyone had enjoyed the day.

RAGS Captain’s Report 2019


2018 was a good year for the Serving side.  My main headline to you all is that more RAGS members represented the Regiment on a golf course than ever before.  To some extent this shows the power of the website, but it is also thanks to the hard work from the secretary and our MMs.  I am sure that you all agree that wider participation in RAGS fixtures can only be a good thing; it is something that I will continue to encourage during my time as Captain.

All 2018 serving fixtures were conducted as planned.  I know it can be like herding cats at times, but honestly thank you to all our MMs for all their hard work on arranging the administration for our matches.

2018 team report

2018 started with our annual match against the Retired side at Frilford Heath.  In short and from a serving point of view; this match did not go as we had planned.  We got a savage and unmerciful mauling by the Retired team.  However, I do want to get on it on the record that this was Tim Thornton’s last match as Captain….  I can only conclude that he was trying to make friends in the Retired Ranks.

The other two key fixtures that I will update you on were the Inter Corps at Saunton and our annual match versus the Royal Engineers at Royal St. Georges.  It still hurts me deeply to say that both events ended with us being defeated by the Sappers.  Our main rivals have a particularly strong team currently.  This is proven by the fact they have made it all the way to the final of the Inter Corps in the past two years; they have only been defeated by a truly exceptional Infantry team since 2016.

Individual achievements

Individually 2018 was another strong year for our golfers.  More than 10% of the entire field in the Army Championship was made up of Gunner golfers, showing the popularity of the sport in our community.  There were also some strong individual performances during the week and I would strongly encourage anyone considering playing in future AGA events.  I know that Capt Andy Bennett (Adjt 101 Regt) came 3rd in the Army High Handicap event, which is a fantastic event all Unit Golf Officer’s should be aware of.

Myself and Adam Hayward have continued to be part of the Army Team.  I was part of the Army team that won the Inter Services Championships at Frilford Heath last September and was also selected as one of the four Army players to play for the UK Armed Forces golf team in 2018 and 2019.

Looking forward (2019)

There are a couple of changes and an addition to fixtures in the coming year, which I think are excellent.  Our match against the Royal Signals will now be played at HayIing Island GC. This is a fantastic opportunity for our members to play a superb links course on the South Coast.  The RA Championships will be played at Belton Park in June.  This is a EGU venue that is central in the UK. This will hopefully attract attendance from the serving players in the North.  Finally, on the run up to the Inter Corps there will be a development match for the 1st team squad at Formby GC.

If you are in any doubt if being a part of this society is worth the £5 or £20 we pay in subs we just need to look at fixtures like the ones I have just mentioned; not to mention we have the chance to play at courses like North Hants, St. Georges Hill, Close House, Royal St. Georges, Rye, Frilford Heath, Saunton, Blackmoor, New Zealand, Woking, West Hill, Walton Heath and others.  Some of these places you cannot even pay to play casually or if you do it would be enormously expensive.  RAGS members are privileged to be invited to play these fantastic courses at hugely reduced rates.  I think we can all be a little guilty of taking this society for granted at times, but if you think of it in these terms it is a bloody good offer and we know that other Regiments would kill to have the fixtures we have established over time.

Please do advertise the society to others and get involved when you can in these matches. Also, make sure you have logged into the website and have put your name down for the matches you wish to play.  The secretary and I monitor all the team selections and will make sure that as many of our members represent the Regiment as possible in the coming year, contact us if you need anything.   I hope you all feel the benefit of being part of this society.  I for one cannot wait to get stuck into my second season as Captain.

Jack Musgrove

RAGS Captain










Agenda Item 2 – Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters Arising

Copies of the Minutes of the previous AGM were distributed at the start of the Spring meeting and were available to members throughout the day.  There was one matter arising which was briefed by the Treasurer:

a.   Subscriptions Update.   The subject of subscriptions seems to be a perennial debate and has been at the forefront of the Committee two meetings since the last AGM.  At the Spring Committee meeting 3 weeks ago the committee agreed, after some discussion, not to raise subscriptions this year despite the junior ranks acknowledging that a £5 – £10 increase would not be unacceptable.  Focus shifted to a discussion on the apportionment of subsidies to fixtures.  The Chairman directed a review of the apportionment of subsides dependant on the costs of each fixture and the results of that review will be available at the next AGM

The Minutes were accepted as a true record, proposed by Lee Wotherspoon  and seconded by  Andy Carter.



3 Agenda Item 3 – Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer stated that GPF balance at the end of 2018 was £4,106.46   so was in a healthy position.  This was accepted and showed: Balance (as at 04 Mar 19) £4,106.46; Income through grants £5000 (to follow); The society held a shop stock of tie’s (48 @ £20) £960 for resale. The society had the resources enough to carry out routine business.  It was predicted that by the end of the 2019 season there would be an excess of income over expenditure of c£600.



































Item 4 – 2019 Updates

Membership – The Secretary

The Secretary commented that the current membership stood at 150 which is a reduction of 11 from the last AGM.   While 4 new members have joined 13 have either chosen to leave or have been removed from the database as there has been no communication with them for a prolonged period.  Sadly Peter Dyas, who was a member at Royal St Georges passed away last Summer.

Golf Development – The Captain

Andrew Cox and Scott Campbell ran an excellent development event at Close House in March 2019 which was very well attended. Future intentions include a development event at Formby Golf Club for the RA 1st Team before the Inter Corps Championships and then another event at Close House in the Autumn which will focus on the higher handicappers.

Female Membership – The Captain

The Captain informed the AGM that, to date, there had been no females identified in the RA who wish to play golf.


Item 5 – Committee Appointments

In – SSgt Adam Hayward has accepted the appointment of Golf Development Representative and joins the Committee.

Out – Both the Secretary and the Treasurer have stated their intentions to stand down from the committee at the end of this year.  Clearly volunteers for both posts are encouraged.


Item 6 – AOB

Matches.  Returns this year on the website have shown a slight improvement on last year demonstrating greater confidence in the website, so thank you.  A couple of fixtures however continue to struggle to find players, specifically against the RAOC in May (here at Tidworth) and the REGS Vets in August at New Zealand.  The Chairman has directed that both these fixtures be considered at the end of the season to determine if they are viable to continue.

Afternote:  Regrettably the fixture against the RAOC had to be cancelled due to not enough players.

RA North vs RA South.   Capt Andy Bennett (Adjt 101 Regt) briefed on an idea to hold a Ryder Cup type event between serving teams from the North and the South. It would only be open to serving RA personnel with a handicap of 12 or more.  The fixture would take place at the ‘home’ of Ping at Gainsborough Golf Club on 16/17 Jul 19.

President Closing Remarks.

The President closed the AGM by stating that sustaining the Society is the ‘vital ground’ and it is the responsibility of all current members to attract new players.  He stated that golf development is essential if the RA are to be competitive.  He thanked the Secretary and the Treasurer for their periods in office and looked forward to welcoming their successors to the Committee.  He concluded by reinforcing how important it is to sustain the society and the encouragement of new members.

There being no further business the AGM closed at 1815.


































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